It is important for a product(be it a film, infomercial or a game) to stands out from the rest, thus I take a great responsibility into blending audio and video together professionally.
Good communication with the client is a must and since I got quite some years of experience my composing skills are very developed, be it an abstract ambient piece or a more uptempo funky disco tune.

Below you can find some of my work done in the last years ranging from companies like Greenpeace to the HKU(Dutch art school). The videos are done by Studio Airport.

Abstract soundscapes and a glitchy beat in the end.

Melodic arpeggio sounds with a hiphop groove transceding to ambient and nature sounds and back to the arpeggio.

Acoustic guitar with vocals and light drums.

A mellow dubby downtempo tune.

A soft rock song with vocals and breakbeat.

An uptempo hiphop groove with a spooky suspense piano. Ending with the outro track.

A psychedelic rock track which transcends into a more harder rock and roll song as the video developes. Ending with the outro track.

Distorted 808 wiggles and computer game sounds with heavy synthesizers. Ending with the outro track.

A funky disco beat that flows over in a summery house track. Ending with the outro track.